Coordinates: 4°35′S 55°40′E / 4.583°S 55.667°E / -4.583; 55.667

Seychelles (i/sˈʃɛlz/ say-SHELZ; French: [sɛʃɛl]), officially the Republic of Seychelles (French: République des Seychelles; Creole: Repiblik Sesel), is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The 115-island country, whose capital is Victoria, lies 1,500 kilometres (932 mi) east of mainland East Africa. Other nearby island countries and territories include Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar, Réunion and Mauritius to the south.

Seychelles, with a population of 90,024, has the smallest population of any independent African state; however, it does have a larger population than the UK overseas territory Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.


The Seychelles were uninhabited throughout most of recorded history. Some scholars assume that Austronesian seafarers and later Maldivian and Arab traders were the first to visit the uninhabited Seychelles. The earliest recorded sighting by Europeans took place in 1502 by the Portuguese Admiral Vasco da Gama, who passed through the Amirantes and named them after himself (islands of the Admiral). The earliest recorded landing was in January 1609, by the crew of the "Ascension" under Captain Sharpeigh during the fourth voyage of the British East India Company.

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Air Seychelles suspends international flights temporarily | 27 March 2020

Nation 27 Mar 2020
Air Seychelles yesterday announced that the airline has suspended all flights across its regional network due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) ...For the first time in Air Seychelles’ 41 years history, we are suspending international flying due to the extraordinary events surrounding COVID-19 ... Air Seychelles communique ....

COVID-19: Overview and situation analysis | 26 March 2020

Nation 26 Mar 2020
No new cases in Seychelles. For a fifth day running, the number of positive coronavirus cases in Seychelles stands at seven ... Flight bookings and arrivals into Seychelles have declined significantly and this is already showing signs of adverse impact on the local economy ... Seychelles continues to reinforce its outbreak preparedness and response plan....

Temporary closure of Air Seychelles offices | 26 March 2020

Nation 26 Mar 2020
Air Seychelles is advising all travellers to refrain from visiting Air Seychelles offices and to complete all bookings via, the Call Centre ......

Seychelles: COVID-19 - 2,300 Bookings Worth U.S.$ 3.8 Million Cancelled, Survey Finds

All Africa 25 Mar 2020
A three-day survey carried out in Seychelles shows that at least 2,367 bookings worth $3.8 million were cancelled between February 25 and March 23 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said the finance minister .......

Air Seychelles revises domestic schedule to Praslin | 21 March 2020

Nation 21 Mar 2020
Charles Johnson, chief commercial officer of Air Seychelles, said ... Following guidance from the local department of health to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Air Seychelles is advising all travellers to avoid going to the airline’s sales offices for bookings of tickets....

Air Seychelles suspends flights to Mauritius temporarily | 20 March 2020

Nation 20 Mar 2020
Air Seychelles is thus advising all travellers to and from Mauritius, to review their travel plans accordingly, and to liaise with their ......

Air Lease Corporation Announces Delivery of New Airbus A320-200neo Aircraft to Air Seychelles

The Marshall News Messenger 18 Mar 2020
AL) announced the delivery of one new Airbus A320-200neo aircraft on long-term lease to Air Seychelles. Featuring CFM International LEAP-1A26 engines, this aircraft delivered from ALC’s order book with Airbus ... About Air Seychelles ... As the main driver of tourism in Seychelles, it is a core pillar of the national economy....

Seychelles closes its borders to Europe as fourth COVID-19 case is detected | 17 March 2020

Nation 17 Mar 2020
Meanwhile, Seychellois students and residents who are presently in Europe will be allowed back in Seychelles but they will be placed under immediate and obligatory 14-day quarantine ... Flight bookings into Seychelles have already reduced significantly and this will certainly impact adversely on the tourism and other industries....

International School Seychelles Students Meet Author of Book They're Reading in Class

All Africa 16 Mar 2020
What would it be like to pick the brain of an author whose book you have read? A group of students at the International School Seychelles had just that opportunity .......

Air Seychelles introduces new waiver policy for its customers | 13 March 2020

Nation 13 Mar 2020
Air Seychelles has introduced a new waiver policy to provide travellers more flexibility and peace of mind when booking their trip across the airline’s regional network....

Public Health Authority issues new travel and health advisory update about COVID-19 | 12 March 2020

Nation 12 Mar 2020
Flights booking into Seychelles have already reduced significantly and this will certainly impact adversely on the tourism industry, even if Seychelles does not put additional countries to restrict travel from ...As of March 10, 2020, all cruise ships will not be allowed entry into Seychelles waters until further notice;....

National Assembly resumes work on modernisation of Civil Code | 12 March 2020

Nation 12 Mar 2020
The National Assembly, sitting in committee stage, yesterday resumed with its work towards modernising Book Three of the Seychelles Civil Code, under the speakership of Deputy Speaker Ahmed Afif ... We are suggesting that what applied in 1804 in France, has no necessity in the modern day Seychelles....

Tour guide ‘unintentionally’ promotes Seychelles through new book | 09 March 2020

Nation 10 Mar 2020
On the occasion of the 2019 Franfurter Buchmessse, my book was presented ... out a very successful hiking tour in Seychelles ... I chose La Digue (Anse Source d'Argent) for the cover of my book....